beeswax dipped tapers


Golden leaf each beeswax dipped taper candle has been dipped steadily at many times using filtered 100% natural beeswax. Their wicks are made from 100% cotton and contain no lead or metal. These dipped taper candles will burn soot free and dripless if kept out of drafts, and provide natural honey aroma. They can light for any occasion, such as weddings, fundraisers and various gatherings or occasions. The beeswax dipped taper candles are available in many beautiful colors and sizes for you choosing and referring. The beeswax dipped tapers candle can be made according to your sizes and colors.

Enjoy the 100% natural beeswax dipped taper candles.


Dipped tapers

little dipped beeswax candles

D1 / 8“X H3”

 little taper beeswax candles

D1 / 4“X H3”

pure beeswax taper candles

D1 / 4“X H6”

beeswax thin taper candles

D1 / 4“X H12”

hand taper beeswax candles

D0.8cm X H23cm

Chanukah beeswax candle

D3 / 8“X H5”

dinner taper beeswax candles

D3 / 8“X H8”

dinner beeswax candles

D3 / 8“X H10”

beeswax hand dipped tapers

D3 / 8“X H13”


 beeswax dipped tapers

D1 / 2“x H4”

natural beeswax tapers 

D1 / 2“×H10”

beeswax taper candles

D1 / 2“×H12”

beeswax hand tapers

D5 / 8 “* H4”

dipped taper beeswax candles

D5 / 8 “* H10”

dipped taper beeswax candles

D5 / 8" * H12

bigger tapers beeswax candles

D3 / 4“X H12”


beeswax bigger tapers 

D7 / 8“X H10”


hand dipped beeswax

D7 / 8“X H12”


dipped beeswax candles

D1“X H8”