hand rolleds


Golden leaf beeswax hand rolled candles are rolled by hands. For use as foundation in beehives, beeswax is made into sheets and embossed with the honeycomb patterns. These beeswax sheets are available in vibrant rainbow colors and soft pastels which can be rolled into candles. The candle wicks are 100% cotton. No drip no smoking when they burning. The most economical of the range. The hand beeswax candles can light for any occasion, such as weddings, fundraisers and various gatherings or occasions.

Enjoy the soft natural colour and the subtle honey beeswax fragrance. 

hand rolleds

dinner honeycomb candles

D3/4" X H8"


pole beehive candles

D3/4" X H10"


pole honeycomb candles 

D3/4" X H12"


rolled beehive tapers

D7/8" X H8"


hand beehive tapers

D7/8" X H9"


rolled beeswax tapers

D7/8" X H10"


hand honeycomb tapers

D7/8" X H12"


rolled honeycomb candles

D1" X H6"


rolled beeswax pillars

D3/2" X H8"


rolled beehive pillars

D3/2" X H12"


rolled beeswax columns

D2" X H3"


hand rolled columns

D2" X H6"


bigger rolled candles

D2" X H9"