why golden leaf candles


Golden Leaf beeswax candles all are 100% natural pure beeswax. We collected the capping wax\ royaljelly and the new honeycomb from from the beekeepers in China, We don't gather the old honeycomb. The old Bee honeycomb contain about 30% beeswax, and the rest is other kind wax.  Ensuring the candles are 100% pure natural beeswax, so we melt the honeycomb we collected and clean the raw beeswax by ourself. our beeswax is only lightly filtered, no adding any toxic substances and no adding fragrances. We can control the temperature better when we melt these honeycomb, but the beekeepers melt the mixture honeycomb directly at high temperatures. So our beeswax quality is much higher than that of beeswax from bee keepers. 


Most of our beeswax candles wicks are 100% cotton wicking,very few wicks is paper and cotton wicks. The wick is flat braid, square braid and paper core wick. Each candle requires a particular size and type of wick and a certain air, beeswax and mold temperature. Because of the toxicity of metals when burned, we do not use any wick with metal core, which could be lead or zinc.


 The natural color of Golden Leaf beeswax candles is beautiful yellow or classic ivory. All of our color-added beeswax candles contain a small amount of pigment to achieve their crisp vibrant colors, the color is not easy fading. The pigment are formulated with eco-friendly ingredients. They offer excellent color consistency and strength for crisp, clean, bright candles. The colored dye makes up a very small percentage of the overall beeswax candle, much less than 1/10th of 1%. The pigment do not contain hazardous solvents or additives (such as naphtha or naphthalene used in other dyes).